Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Xtina Is Selling "The Osbournes" Crib

Does anyone remember the MTV television show called The Osbournes? I am sure all these young teeny boppers who love Justin Bieber don't remember the show because they were toddlers. That and Ozzy Osbourne has scary tattoos and that makes them pee in their pants a little. I remember the show and saw all of their seasons (4 I think?) Anywa, great show and the show was shot in the Osbournes home in California and then when Ozzy, Sharon and the bunch moved on, they sold the house to Christina Aguilera. I love that house. I think it is a staple in American history not only was it the set of one of the best tv shows of all time but it housed not one, but two famous families. How much to get your hands on it? $13.5 A little steep but that is California real estate for you.

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