Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jessica Simpson is About to Freak Out


Jessica Simpson is all smiles int he pic above but you have to remember that the
photo was probably taken like aweek ago. Just recently a coyote snatched Jessica's
dog out fromk under her right before her eyes and Jessica is heartbroken. I thought
the whole situation was pretty funny because what the heel type of situation is that
anyway? What the fuck was she doing around coyotes? Anyway she has since put
up all kinds of flyers around the L.A. area stating she will give a cash reward to anyone
who comes up with the pup. Friends close to Simpson however are saying that this
whole situation is going to put Jessica into a tailspin. A freak out. A trip to the looney
bin. That would just make the story all that more funny because she isn't really known
for being crazy but after her pooch got snatched, that could change all that.

A source says, "Daisy was her baby. It's going to put her into a tailspin. It will put her
in the worst place ever." Sad news. Really sad news. But funny. Yea pretty funny.

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