Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Lohan Burglary Suspect Reeled In

Another suspect in the Lohan/Patridge burglary case, Rachel Lee, turned herself
in over the weekend. I guess she thinks that if she turns herself in voluntarily and
turns over on one or two of the other suspects that she will earn some brownie
points w/ the cops and they will take it easy on her or let her plea out for a lesser
sentence. The third suspect in the case took to her Facebook page and is saying,
"You don't know the facts. Lindsay,Nick and Rachel are all friends. It was an inside
job. The safe was never stolen." It seems that this chick knows a lot about the
burglary so maybe the cops should haul her sorry ass in on suspicion alone. I
could care less about what happens to these characters, wow I sounded like a
cop there, because sno sex tape or nude pics or anything worthewhile came from
the safe(s) so it is not in my interest to see these people walk free. I am just a
little disenheartened to hear that neither Lohan or Patridge didn't some even
remotely sexy in their wall safes. I wake up every morning believing that in every
hot female celebritie's house there is a wall safe containing nothing but naked pictures,
sex tapes and sex toys that the world can some day see. But not in this case. My
heart is physically broken.

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