Friday, May 15, 2009

TomKat Will Have In Vitro

TomKat has a happy small family. Just him, Kate and Suri. And also those two other
kids he doesn't give a shit about. However, he thinks it is about time to expand the brood.
It is being reported that Tom and Katie are thinking about trying in virtro fertilization
to have twins. That is when they shove some sperm in a little tube up Katie's va-jay-
jay and try to get pregnant that way. Basically, Katie hates pregnancy but wants to
have multiple children so she is going to go for as many kids in one shot as she possibly
can. Now in vitro can actually give you more than two kids. They can produce multiples.
However, Katie will not go for that because that will mean hideous stretch marks and
she will probably not get plastic surgery to fix that shit so she is probably gonna stick
with just two. I personally would love to see TomKat have another baby. Not for their
own happiness, but because whenever a celebrity power couple have a kid, the kid
instantly becomes American royalty. And I am all for American royalty. However,
i am not all about a hotty like Katie Holmes losing her kick ass figure for 9 months.
So, ho wabout adoption. Tom has done it before and the beauty about that is that while
you are expecting the baby you can still hit that figure and there is no threat of it ever
becoming fat. Yes. That is about the only reason I am pro life.