Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Is The Bitch That Set It Off

A lot of people are not 100% sure what triggered the Chris Brown/ Rihanna
fight. But now we know. Chris Brown got a text message from his manager
Tina davis and in the text she talked about hooking up. According to TMZ
the text was 3 pages long. I am not sure exactly how long three pages is in
text talk, but it was pretty long to say the least. And now it is clear that it
was actually Rihanna that started the fight. Which means, in some cases,
Chris Brown could plead that he was acting in self defense. But he still
threatened to kill her and Rihanna was left much more bloody and bruised
than Chris Brown was so it looks like he was the aggressor. Seeing that
Rihanna is stupidly standing by Chris Browns side during this whole debacle
more than likely he will do no jail time. But I sure as hell hope he does go
to the clink.