Thursday, January 01, 2009

Spears Ties The Knot

No not Britney Spears. Her much well unknown brother Bryan. He got
married yesterday to short term girlfriend Graciella Sanchez. I know what
a lot of people must be thinking, it's about damn time. Bryan is 31 and his
new wife is 36. Gross. Old people alert! The entire Spears crew was in
attendance for the ceremony, but the paparazzi were really there just to
see if Britney will let another upskirt slip up. This probably will be the first
and last thing we will hear about Bryan Spears because he is about the most
boring person on earth. Oh and if you're dying to see pics of the new girl,
don't hold your breath. There are not a lot out there and for good reason.
She is fugly as hell!