Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Project Runway Is Over The Top Sexy

These days reality has taken over real and reality competition has changed the face of “game shows”. You can find a HUGE variety of competitive shows from dancing to singing and cooking to designing, television networks have it all on Time Warner Cable. One competitive show that most stands out and is among the list of most watched television shows is ‘Project Runway’. If you haven’t seen this one yet, you have no idea what you’re missing. Whether you like fashion or know the most popular designers this show will have you hooked. You’ll become proud to see your soon to be favorite designers as they launch their careers with ‘Project Runway’. Designers making it big as a result of this show include Michael Knight, Christian Siriano, and Jeffrey Sebelia just to name a few. You may not always agree with the judges, but you’ll definitely feel connected to the designers and their fashions.

The show is hosted by Heidi Klum, a model and fashionista. Taking a cue from Tyra, she has created her on niche among television viewers. The regular judges include Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, along with a guest judge who varies but has included Brooke Shields, LL Cool J, and ?. The aspiring designers come from all over hoping to see their dreams realized as they are given various challenges. The most outlandish have been creating outfits from car parts, live flowers, and candy wrappers. As a viewer, I’m intrigued by how creative the designers can be when coming up with these outfits. Korto from Season 5, created the sharpest dress coat from seatbelts. Who knew that was possible? Another designer, Jillian from Season 4, created the cutest outfit from Twizzlers, yes and I do me Twizzlers the candy. It was so cute you could just eat it!

This show almost makes you want to draw or design something, however if that’s not your forte its best to leave it to the professionals. Well, at least the semi-professionals. The strangest thing is at the end when the designer who was the most disappointing of the week must leave the stage shamelessly has they kiss Heidi goodbye and salute farewell to the other judges. While they’re hugging and maybe crying with the other contestants, Tim Gunn shows up to basically kick them out. He says it nicely; however how nice can you possibly say it’s time to collect your belongings and go. If I were a contestant, I’m not so sure I’d waste my time with all the farewells. I’d rather meet Tim in the workroom as I gathered my belongings.

This show has had some recent troubles and may possibly be switching networks. They’re currently on Bravo! However the talk has been they will be heading to Lifetime. Either way, wherever they land, the legion of ‘Project Runway’ fans is sure to follow, and you can find the right network with Time Warner Cable Offers. We look forward to the next outlandish challenge, the next diva, and the next crier of the group. In the meantime, its fun watching the old episodes and seeing how hard a time the judge gives everyone including the eventual winner.