Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sarah Palin Is A Cry Baby

Waaaa! I don't get to be vice president. Waaaa my child has special needs.
Cry, cry, cry. She lost the republican race last night and she said this last
night, "I am neither bitter nor vanquished, but very confident in the know-
ledge that there will be another day," Not bitter my ass. She just lost to a
2 term senator that was all but non existent 5 years ago. Plus his middle
name is Hussein. Remember Hussein? Oooo a scary terrorist. The simple
fact is we elected a new president last night and the nation is richer for it.
I know what the American people are thinking though. Forget Sarah Palin
vice president. How about Sarah Palin super model. I would love to see
those old jugs in a bikini. Congratulations America. Today is a great day!