Friday, November 28, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell Is Not Funny

Rarr! I will eat your family and Thanksgiving left overs! God. Just looking at
this beast makes me ill. In case you people were watching real shows like The
New Adventures of Old Christine or Gary Unmarried, then you missed Rosie
O'Donnell's big gay lesbian variety show. Were there celebrities? Not really.
Somehow Alec Baldwin got suckered into it. Kathy Griffin was there but she is
the left proclaimed queen of the d-list. I think Rosie has you beat on that Kathy.
There was singing and dancing and interviews and of course Rosie. Surprisingly,
she didn't eat a single baby throughout the entire show. But what the real news
here is not that she had a variety show, but that it failed. It only drew in 5 million
viewers. Which isn't too much to worry about because this was a one time thing.
Just to summarize, Rosie fail, food=safe.