Friday, March 14, 2008

La Lohan Soon To Be Broke

As most of you already know I love writing about celebrities going broke.
And Lindsay Lohan is no exception. Its been a while, but the numbers
are finally out. She spent $315,000 on her two rehab stays, $1 million on
hotels, and $70,000 on tanning. On tanning! This is all a little excentric,
especially when she could have just bought a one bedroom apartment and
said the hell with it. So whats her financial solution. More movies? Release
another album? Nope. Leggings. She is going to produce leggings, some
with prints, some just plain. If that is not a stupid plan, I don't know what is.
However, since she was deemed "unhirable" during her rehab stays, she
has since been cast in a movie called Chapter 27. I would tell you more
about it, but the volume on my comp is broken so I only got little snippets
of what the movie is actually about. I also hear a rumor about her putting
together a new cd, but the way she just sort of shuffles around Hollywood
not really commiting to any work tells me that we won't see it for some time.
I'll keep you up to date when she is arrested for pan handling on Sunset Blvd.
Save them pennies Lohan!