Friday, December 14, 2007

Marcia Cross Nude Pictures Surface

Months ago, rumors surfaced that some 200 pictures of Marcia Cross were

stolen from a garbage dumpster at her house in L.A. The person who stole

them tried to sell them to the highest bidder, but no one bid. So now we

have them for free. And I like. Me likey alot. Probably cause I am a perv

for all women, even old ones. Not to mention she is soaking wet in the

pictures which is a plus plus for me. What I like the most is, she doesn't

shave. Some guys like the shaved kitty, not me. She is like Vanessa Minnillo.

Just another chick with a monster box. If the rest of the photos surface you

can count on me to post them here. In the meantime enjoy!