Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Arnold Schwarzenegger hires a divorce lawyer- Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Trailer: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark- Celebrity VIP Lounge

Justin Timberlake talks Britney Spears is Vanity Fair- Ear Sucker

Sean Penn is looking sad- Fit Fab Celeb

Kim Kardashian wants to change her last name now too- Have U Heard

Nichole Hiltz arrested for child neglect- Hilary Shepherd

Beyonce released a new single- Hollywood Hiccups

Rihanna has a new music video- I Need My Fix

Christina Aguilera's hair looks ridonkulous- Mathew Guiver

McDreamy is moving on- Oh The Scandal

Audrina Patridge: too skinny for her own good?- Right Celebrity

Amanda Seyfried Is Back On The Market

Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe have mutually decided to call it quits on their 7 month relationship. I guess the sex just got boring? I can not imagine sex getting boring with Amanda Seyfried but if I were Ryan Phillippe and could literally get any chick he wanted to in Hollywood then the word "girlfriend" would be a four letter word. It be all about friends with benefits.

Snooki's License Has Been Revoked

Snooki got popped the other day as you know for slamming into a police car sending two police to the ER. Now her license has been revoked so she will not be doing any driving in this season of Jersey Shore. Not like it matters cause they drink all the time anyway and always have to rely on a cab. At least I hope they rely on a cab.

Hayden Panettiere Loves Awkward Sex

Hayden Panettiere likes to date these dudes who are like 7'6 350 lbs. which makes it very difficult for her itty bitty body to have intercourse with them. Of course she has had a lot of boyfriends so maybe she doesn't put out in the first place? This time it is the NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez. I think she likes to believe she is a mini Kardashian but you have to hand it to her, it is hook ups like this that keep her in the tabloids? Does she currently have a role on tv or working on any movies? I don't think so.

Molly Sims Is Off The Market

Cutie patootie Molly Sims who starred on the failed television show Las Vegas (full of sexy babes) is now engaged to the producer from Love And Other Drugs Scott Stuber. No word on the wedding date but since both of these cats are pretty old, I am better it will be soon. Congrats!

Kim Zolciak Had A Baby Boy

Some chick named Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives Of Atlanta had a baby boy Tuesday night. I do not watch the show but I am sure somewhere down the line I reported that she was preggers so this is more or less just a follow up story. Judging by the pic I am not sure who would want to knock her up. Not pretty.

Kim Kardashian Might Be Preggers

OK so according to OK magazine Kim Kardashian is pregnant. These are one of the tabloids that will do just about anything for an exclusive so I think they are going to say she is pregnant and then when Kim gets pregnant afterwards OK can say that they broke the story. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Kim got preggers but I don't think she would make a very good mom cause something about her just screams bitch and she is incredibly superficial and superficial people make shitty parents.